Grave Dedication

On March 26, 2011, in a joint effort with the SCV Reeves Camp 346 from Sherman we dedicated the grave of William Hockaday Bristers.

Bristers enlisted in the "Rebel Avengers" Co. H 33rd Mississippi, at the age of 12.  He was allowed to enlist at the young age

because he enlisted with his father Samuel and uncle W.T. it was considered a family enlistment.


stone.jpg (931317 bytes)

   William Hockady Bristers  

flags by grave.jpg (172568 bytes)

  All the flags along the grave

100B1390.JPG (1193782 bytes)

  The flag covered grave



676A0140.JPG (95173 bytes)

David Routh and reenactor

Doug and Bradley.jpg (16448 bytes)

Doug Garnett and reenactor

samecanteen.jpg (825787 bytes)

   Honor squad, "sharing the same canteen"



finaldrink.jpg (793573 bytes)

Gary Bray "sharing the same canteen"

rose.jpg (380533 bytes)

  Mourning "widow"

328368_n.jpg (145572 bytes)

     Gary Bray escorts the widow


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