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Texas Civil War Flags one day display in Sherman

September 17, 2011

Hood's Texas Brigade

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.Hood's Texas Brigade was made up of the 1st, 4th and 5th Texas Infantry regiments.  The Brigade was organized in 1861 and gained fame under its 2nd commander John Bell Hood.  This small flag was likely used as a camp flag or flank marker, which designated the end of the regimental line.  It was presented to General Hood in the summer of 1861 by Miss Lula Wigfall.  She was the daughter of the regiment's first colonel, Louis T. Wigfall.   As with a Texas flag it is a blue banner with a lone white star with a white bar and a red bar.  It is not known why Miss Wigfall mixed the colors leaving the red bar on top and white bar on bottom.  The flag was last used in October 6 - 7 1862 when Generals Longstreet and Hood were reviewing troops.  It was sent back to the Governor of Texas, Frank R. Lubbock for preservation.
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Owned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy it is hand-made of silk has a mesh cloth covering to arrest deterioration and is encased in protective glass. It was on a one day loan from the UDC's Texas Civil War Museum in Ft. Worth. Working with the ladies from the UDC local Sons of Confederate Veterans camps were asked to provide a guard detail for the display.  Men from Colonel Reeves 11th Texas Cavalry Camp 349, Lee-Bourland Camp 1848, and Captain Bob Lee Camp 2198 participated.  It was our honor to assist the UDC in this event.

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